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I help women in sexless relationships. I help increase their self-confidence, embody their sexiness, and find their sexual goddess energy; hence creating deeper intimacy with their partners through group and private coaching.


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Our small group will learn the 5 steps to creating more intimacy in your relationship.


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Level up your Relationship 

We will dive into hormones and anatomy because chances are high that we've missed out on learning about what makes our partners tick. What drives them wild. What makes them crave us, and us crave them.

Next we dive into communication. How to talk with and to our lover to bring us closer than ever.

Then we learn love languages. How to identify our own, as well as our partners, and using the right ones to connect deeper with our lover.

Body image is the next lesson. How do we feel about our own bodies? Do we love ourselves? Have we ever stopped to learn all of her nooks and crannies?

We end the program with passion. Learning what it is. How to create it with our partner. Sustaining it for life.

Join us in this 5 week program!


Thank you Dora for another great meeting. Your themes about our voice, the impact of words we use,  identity (including the adjectives to describe ourselves) are very important and thank you for focusing on this.



The wisdom and gentleness you bring to your coaching is such a gift! You are so present and so loving that the space you hold feels safe enough to explore the parts of myself that feel a little crunchy. The best word I can use to describe you as a coach is genuine. You lead with your heart and show others how to do that too. Love you!

Dora gently and respectfully opened my eyes to the fact that we are all in different places and her teaching is ageless and timeless for women as we move through stages, and changes in our lives.
Little did I know how important her teaching would be for me personally as my marriage unraveled before my eyes two years later.
I am so thrilled that as a mature woman, I am now able to accept and enjoy being in my "sensually feminine" skin. What freedom to understand how beautifully different we are and how much my feminine confidence  means to our significant other.
Kudos to you Dora, your work has been invaluable to me, and I'm sure, will be for many, many others.


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