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5 Steps to Creating More Intimacy: Pay In Full

Level up your Relationship!

Online class starts August 1.

We will dive into hormones and anatomy because chances are high that we've missed out on learning about what makes our partners tick. What drives them wild. What makes them crave us, and us crave them.

Next we dive into communication. How to talk with and to our lover to bring us closer than ever.

Then we learn love languages. How to identify our own, as well as our partners, and using the right ones to connect deeper with our lover.

Body image is the next lesson. How do we feel about our own bodies? Do we love ourselves? Have we ever stopped to learn all of her nooks and crannies?

We end the program with passion. Learning what it is. How to create it with our partner. Sustaining it for life.

Join us in this 5 week program!